WhatsApp Mastery: A recipe for your business success.

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Effective communication is one of the vital ingredients for a successful business. You need to master the acts of keep tab with both your prospective and existing customers to be able to sustain the business, increase revenue and profits.

Below, we will highlight a few of the reasons why WhatsApp is so effective in small business success.


WhatsApp is the most popular alternative to SMS in 109 countries which is around 60 % of the world. Every single day, around 60+ billion messages are sent via WhatsApp.
In today’s world, almost everyone uses Smartphones, even the poorest among us find a way to get one. Because of this, everyone uses WhatsApp, even your prospective clients.
This is one of the reasons why WhatsApp has an edge over other Social media apps. Your prospective clients may not be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but he has a WhatsApp.
So why have small businesses neglected WhatsApp marketing or why don’t you do it more effectively?


WhatsApp ensures great engagement rates, as more than 95% of messages are opened and read. About 90 % of WhatsApp Messages are opened within three seconds of being received.
The first thing some of us check when we wake up in the morning is our WhatsApp messages, even before we say a word of prayer😊😊
People pay attention to their WhatsApp messages more than the news on Radio or TV!
If you as a small business know how to use this app, then you will go a long way in reducing your cost of running the business, advertising and also generate more revenue.


67 percent of mobile messaging app users said they expect to use chat more for communicating with businesses. 53 percent say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.
Because WhatsApp is FREE, your prospective and existing clients prefer to reach out to you through it than sending SMS or even making direct calls.
Some clients would even ask you to give them only your WhatsApp number instead 😊
People love Free things, so they love WhatsApp 😊
WhatsApp helps to bring you and your clients “more closer”. Because they can always interact with you, share information with you freely and they always “see” your activities via your status, they tend to know you more and therefore feel free to do business with you.


It costs you FAR LESS to market your products and services via WhatsApp than any other conventional platforms like Radio, TV and even Facebook and Instagram… What are you not using it right? We will show you how to get it RIGHT!
With our experience, over 95% of small businesses don’t know how to use WhatsApp effectively. What most people do is download WhatsApp, put their profiles and some little information and that’s all.
It is FAR MORE than that.

Take advantage of our WhatsApp Masterclass to experience a new dimension in your business and increase revenue.

We will show you!

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