Social Media Marketing

The world has gone digital! Our ways of life and how we carry our everyday activities have never remained the same in the 21st century. Almost everyone is now on one social media platform or the other, therefore, you must learn how to use social media to reach your prospective clients and also manage the existing ones. From the fundamentals, we will take you through how to can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to sell to millions, boost sales and make more profits.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram Advertising are now some of the most effective tools to grow your business, create loyal customers, and generate leads and sales. Today, millions of businesses are advertising on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and there’s never been a better time to start than now.

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  • Beginner’s Guide To Online Advertising – FREE Training – Wednesday 24th June, 2020

    It is a known fact that there are billions of people online every second. Almost everyone is now using a Smartphone. Your potential customers are also online and Social media. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you also desire to launch your business online and place an advert to reach new customers. This is a lovable and great idea! However, I advise you to wait a minute.

    A lot of business owners have struggled with Online advertising in recent times. They wonder what exactly is the problem why they are not getting the necessary results after spending lots of money advertising.

    Worry no more! We have put this class together to open your eyes to some of the things you need to get right, what it takes to launch a successful online advert, make every dollar count and increase your sales.

    Don’t waste your hard-earned money & start improving your return on your advertising budget today!

    These are some of the topics we will be discussing:

    √ Getting started with Selling Online
    √ Myths about selling online.
    √ Why you need to promote your goods and services online
    √ Are your customers really online?
    √ The Psychology of online customers.
    √ How to set your online marketing goals.
    √ How to map online customer Journey.
    √ Selecting the perfect platform to sell online.
    √ 5 Secrets to Selling Products Online.
    √ Ethics to adopt before you promote your business online.
    √ Products and services you cannot promote on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
    √ Getting started with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Business Accounts.
    .. and many more

    This class is FREE and holds via WhatsApp Group.

    Date: Wednesday, 24th June 2020 at 7pm

    How to Register: Complete the simple form below to be redirected to the group.

  • Run Facebook and Instagram Adverts Like a Pro – ₦3,800 – Sunday 28th June, 2020

     Learn how to run Facebook and Instagram adverts that bring instant results, and cost less, even as a beginner.


    √ Components Of The Perfect Facebook and Instagram Business Profile.
    √ How to link WhatsApp to Facebook and Instagram Business Profiles.
    √ How to create Facebook Advert Manager.
    √ How to change the currency in Facebook Ad Manager.
    √ How to Fund your Advert Account.
    √ How to know your ideal target audience on Facebook and Instagram.
    √ Using LinkTree with Instagram Adverts.
    √ Ways to create your Business page content every day with ease.
    √ How To Use Google Form For Instagram Adverts And Data Collection.
    √ Leads generation strategies that work.
    √ How to know your ideal target audience.
    √ How to gain organic followers effortlessly.
    √ Landing Pages and how to use them to generate more sales.
    √ Best ways to target the right audience ready to buy now.
    √ How to set up your Facebook and Instagram adverts to get results instantly.

    Access Fee: ₦5,500  ₦3,800 (Offer Valid for this weekend only)

    • Venue: WhatsApp Group 
    • Date: This Sunday @ 5pm
    • How to register:  For further information and registration please call or WhatsApp 08144544917

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