Study in Northern Cyprus

Up to 75% Scholarships Available.

North Cyprus has been discovered to be one of the prime destinations for higher education institutions because the North Cyprus government subsidizes education-related activities. In 2018 already more than 80.000 students are on the Meditteranean Sea island. In large parts, those students come from an international background e.g from African and Asian countries like Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Pakistan to name just a few.

Universities in North Cyprus are offering Bachelors, Masters, Phds and also summer schools. All of those degrees are internationally accountable and can be used to pursue further education paths. Accommodation is offered On-Campus by most Universities but can also be pursued Off-Campus if desired.

Apart from the quality education at affordable fees which universities in Cyprus offer, they also help their citizens and international students in so many aspects. North Cyprus Universities offer affordable tuition and fees as well as accommodation charges, whilst North Cyprus offers moderate living expenses.

  1. Firstly, the tuition fees are far cheaper compared to other Universities around the world.
  2. Courses are taught in English.
  3. Free medical treatment. You get medical insurance provided by the government.
  4. Guaranteed up to 75% scholarship when you apply through us.
  5. Qualified faculty members from all over the world.
  6. Globally accepted and accredited Universities.
  • Undergraduate Program Tuition Fee starts from 2,800 Euro per year while Postgraduate start from 2,000 Euro a year. This is paid on installment basis when you get to Cyprus. However, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit after getting admission offer.
  • There are intakes in a year, which are March/April and Sept/October every year.
  • Most universities do not have a deadline, however, you must submit your application very early enough to secure a place.
  • From our agency, admission takes within 2 weeks while Visa application takes 2 weeks after you submit at the embassy.
  • Note: We can process cable Visa, also called OK-To-Board, for our students after admission and payment of Tuition deposit.

Accounting and Financial Management
Actuarial Science
Actuarial Science – Finance and Banking Double Major
Actuarial Science – Mathematics and Computer Science Double Major
Artificial Intelligence Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Banking and Accounting
Banking and Finance
Banking and Insurance
Bio- Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Business Administration
Civil Engineering
Computer Education and Instructional Technology
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering – Information System Engineering Double Major
Computer Engineering – Software Engineering Double Major
Computer Information Systems
Dental Medicine (Joint Program with IUMS/Iran)
Digital Game Design
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Information Systems Engineering Double Major
Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Mechatronics Engineering Double Major
Electronics and Communication Engineering
English Language Teaching
English Language and Literature
Environmental Engineering
European Union Relations
Film-Making and Broadcasting
Finance and Banking
Finance and Banking – Actuarial Science Double Major
Food Engineering
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
Guidance and Psychological Counseling
Human Resources Management
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering – Business Administration Double Major
Industrial Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Double Major
Information System Engineering – Computer Engineering Double Major
Information Systems Engineering
Information Systems Engineering – Electrical and Electronic Engineering Double Major
Information Technology
Information Technology – Management Information Systems Double Major
Interior Architecture
International Business Administration
International Finance
International Law
International Relations
International Trade and Business
Landscape Architecture
Management Engineering
Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems – Information Technology Double Major
Material Sciences and Nanotechnology Engineering
Mathematics and Computer Science
Mathematics and Computer Science – Actuarial Science Double Major
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering – Industrial Engineering Double Major
Mechatronics Engineering
Molecular Biology and Genetics
New Media and Communication
Nutrition & Dietetics
Nutrition and Dietetics
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy and Rehabilition
Political Science
Program Name
Psychological Councelling and Guidance
Public Administration
Public Relations and Advertising
Radio, TV and Film Studies
Recreation Management
Software Engineering
Software Engineering – Computer Engineering Double Major
Special Education
Tourism Management
Visual Communication Design

Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering
Advanced Automotive Engineering
Advanced Molecular Sciences
Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics & Computer Science
Archaeology and Cultures of the Ancient World
Architectural Design and History
Architecture – Building Architecture
Architecture – Built Environment – Interiors
Architecture and Urban Design
Artificial Intelligence
Automation and Control Engineering
Banking and Accounting
Banking and Finance
Biodiversity and Environmental Health
Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics
Biomedical Engineering  
Biotechnologies for food science
Biotechnologies of Human Reproduction
Building Engineering-Architecture
Building and Architectural Engineering
Business Administration
Business Administration and Management
Chemical Engineering
Chemical and Process Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering  
Communication and Media Studies
Comparative International Relations
Comparative Legal Systems (without Thesis) (Joint Program with University of Bologna)
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Science and Networking
Control Systems Engineering
Cultural Heritage Studies
Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance
Data science
Digital Media and Film
Diplomacy and Conflict Management
Economics and finance
Economics and management
Educational Sciences
Electrical Engineering  
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electronics Engineering  
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Energy Economics and Finance
Energy Engineering
Engineering Business Management
Engineering Management
Engineering Physics  
Engineering of Building Processes and Systems
English Language Teaching
English Language and Literature
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Humanities
Environmental Sciences
Environmental and Land Planning Engineering
European Union Relations
European and Global Studies
Fashion Studies
Finance and Risk Management
Food Engineering
Food Safety and Food Risk Management
Food and Health
Forest science
Gender Studies
General Psychology
Geoinformatics Engineering
Health Economics and Management
Human Resource Management
Human rights and multi-level governance
ICT for Internet and multimedia
Industrial Engineering
Information Technology
Information and Communication Technologies in Education
Innovation and Knowledge Management
Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts
Integrated Product Design
Interior Architecture
Interior and Spatial Design
International Accounting and Management
International Business
International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage
International Horticultural Science
International Law
International Politics and Economics
International Relations
International Relations and European Studies
International Security Studies
International Trade and Business
Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures, Linguistics
Landscape Architecture  
Law and Economics
Legal Studies
Linguistics and Cognitive Studies
Management Engineering
Management of Built Environment  
Marine Biology – new programme 2021/22 (to be approved)
Marketing Management
Master Degree in Innovation Management
Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology
Mathematical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Biotechnologies
Medical Biotechnology
Mobility Engineering  
Molecular Biology
Music and Acoustic Engineering
Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development
Nuclear Engineering
Offshore Engineering
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Physics of Data
Political Sciences
Political Sciences and International Relations
Politics Administration and Organization
Precise and Sustainable Agriculture
Product Service System Design
Psychology of Wellbeing and Social Inclusivity
Public and Cultural Diplomacy
Quantitative Finance
Resource Economics and Sustainable Development
Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials
Space Engineering  
Statistical Sciences
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design
Sustainable Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Sustainable Science & Technology for Circular Economy
Sustainable agriculture
Telecommunication Engineering  
Tourism Economics and Management
Tourism Management
Urban Design
Urban Planning and Policy Design
Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design
Water and Geological Risk Engineering
Wellness Culture: Sport,  Health And Tourism
Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology

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