Quality Education & Work opportunities.

Studying in Ireland can give you a great start to a successful career. Ireland ranks highly for quality of education – education that meets the needs of a competitive economy, plus knowledge transfer between universities and international companies. Ireland is an island nation on the westernmost edge of Europe. It is the continent’s second largest island after Great Britain. And it is known for its beautiful green countryside, fascinating history and friendly people.

The Irish economy is one of the fastest growing in the Eurozone and the 6th most competitive in the world. It is an entrepreneurial country with global connections. English is the main language spoken.

  1. You can work while you study.
  2. 2 year Post-graduation work Visa.
  3. Opportunity to apply for Permanent residence after some years.
  4. The high quality of education taught in English Language.
  5. Student-friendly country and people.

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