Hotel & Hospitality Management Training in DUBAI

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Hotel & Hospitality Management management? In Dubai, a city recognized for hospitality and tourism, students are exposed to first-hand-experiences through Training, internships and networking opportunities with professionals in the industry.

These Hotel and Hospitality management Training programs are designed to develop abilities in both the operational field of a hotel and the overall discipline of  Hospitality management. The programme includes a 2 month classroom training and 1-month internship where students can gain work experience in a 5-star hotel.  As one of the top hotel schools not only in the Middle East, but also in the world, graduates from this hospitality management programme are expected to rapidly climb through the management structure of a hotel or other hospitality-related companies to be the leading senior professionals of the future. 

In addition to the internationally recognized training, the program draws on a highly respected faculty members and trainers, modern facilities and strong partnerships with the industry, enabling students to be well-placed for their future careers.

  • Certificate Obtained

    At the end of this Training program, each student will earn an internationally accredited certificate by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) UAE, The educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai.

    This certificate is acceptable for work as in Hotels and Hospitality companies in the UAE and anywhere around the world.

  • Admission Requirements

    • Copy of International Passport.
    • Passport Photograph (White Background)
    • Must be 18 years and above.
    • Can communicate in English Language.
    • Must be fit and healthy.
    • Enrollment Fee: 100 UAE Dirham (₦10,000)*
  • Dates & Deadlines

    Training Commencement Dates:  February ; April; July; October

    Deadline: We encourage you to apply as early as possible. Once we have the required number of trainees then you will be automatically be registered for next intake.

  • Fees:

    • Tuition Fee/Training Fee: 5,250 UAE Dirham (₦525,000) , Tax inclusive
    • 3 months Visa, Return flight ticket & accommodation– ₦600,000
  • Step-By- Step Process

    • Step 1: Complete an application form and pay your enrollment fee.
    • Step 2: You receive a letter of acceptance for the training within 1 week.
    • Step 3: Make full payment of the Training fee.
    • Step 4: Receive a letter confirming your registration for the training within 1 week.
    • Step 5: Pay for your Visa. Receive visa within 1 week.
    • Step 6: Pay for your Flight ticket and be ready to travel.
    • Step 7: You will be received at the airport and taken to your place of accommodation.
    • Step 8: Upon arrival at the hostel, you pay for your Accommodation.
    • Step 9: You begin your training
    • Step 10: At the end of your training program, you receive your certificate and ready to impact your world.
  • How to Apply


    • Visit our office at the address below to pick up an application form:
    • VASISA, Suite 54, Sahadat Plaza, 70D, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.


    • Fill the simple “Expression of Interest” Form below to begin your application.
    • After that, send scanned copies of your International Passport Datapage and Passport Photograph to
    • Make Payment of your Enrollment Fee to: VASISA Travel Company, 0098813550, Diamond Bank (Now Access Bank)
    • Send Proof of Payment to us via email or WhatsApp +2348144544917

    For more information and submission of application, please call 08144544917. Applicants from outside Nigeria should add +234 code.

  • After-Training Job Placement

    This is an add-on service we provide for our trainees, who wish to work in the UAE after their training. We DO NOT, however give a guarantee on Job placement after the training. Hotel and Hospitality jobs are readily available and sought-after jobs in Dubai and the UAE. 

Call 08144544917 or 09060005364 For more information

Some live pictures from our Training classes (Click to enlarge the image)

Contact our Office

To join the next batch of this Training program in Dubai, visit our office at the address below or call any of the phone numbers.

StudyExpress Nigeria
Suite 54, Sahadat Plaza,
70D Allen Avenue, Ikeja,
Lagos State, Nigeria
Ph: +234 8144544917
Ph: +234 9060005364

  • 5 Reasons why a Hospitality is an In-Demand Career in Dubai

    These are some of the reasons why a career in the hospitality industry is ideal for you in Dubai

    1. Rapidly growing sector and growth opportunities

    Do you know that hotel sector is the fastest growing industry in the 21st century? The UAE is built on the hospitality industry and there are oodles of hotel jobs on-stream.  With the mega events like Dubai Expo 2020 planned in Dubai, the sectors like real estate, tourism and hospitality will grow by leaps and bounds, thus creating numerous job opportunities.

    2. Benefits, perks and earning capacity

    Your earning capacity in the United Arab Emirates hospitality industry is excellent. Mostly hospitality jobs are paid at a higher rate with extra benefits for late nights and weekends. Whether you choose to work in office, take on a job of kitchen chef, supervisor or any position in the hotel, choosing a career in hospitality industry in one of the beautiful places of UAE would always be a safe bet. The biggest advantage of working in Dubai is that you earn a tax-free income that lets you get high levels of savings besides beneficial incentives.

    3. Multi-cultural Environment

    Those looking to make a successful career, hospitality sector enable you to explore opportunity in a multi-cultural setting. Thus, Dubai doesn’t let that internationalism stop at clients, those working in the kitchens, at the reception or at any other level come from different parts of the globe with different language, culture to work efficiently within the industry. Moreover, you will get to enhance skills and knowledge on other countries also.

    4. Flexible Working Hours

    The hospitality domain is famed to operate round the clock and those looking to get into this profession have an opportunity to decide on their working hours. They have plenty of flexibility in terms of shifts like day shift and night shift. And no other job would tender the opportunity of seasonal jobs that hospitality sector has.

    5. Strategic Location

    Dubai is one of the safe and modern Arab countries to offer a perfect lifestyle. Recognized as a hub for global job seekers, Dubai has emerged as an important center for pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Choose any profession in hospitality and become a part of a dynamic career in Dubai. It is indeed a perfect platform and pretty interesting domain to get involved in.

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