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Dubai is truly cosmopolitan. It’s one the fastest growing economy in the world and hence offers plethora of opportunities for career-growth. Beyond being an international business center, Dubai attracts masses of tourists due to its shopping festivals all year through. This makes it ideal for studying subjects related to hotel management, tourism as well as business.

The city has a strong service-driven economy, offering every business amenity from banking to telecommunications. International trading and industrialization are encouraged by the provision of seaports and specialist freetrade zones. Recent projects, such as Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City, are bringing 21st century technology and communication to Dubai in the world’s first Free Zone dedicated to e-business.

Entertainment is endless here. It is also called the city of events and all the world’s best musicians, theaters and performers come here to entertainment.

The goal is to provide students with an understanding of world-class Hotel Operations. Including free hotel internship training with star hotels. Our Hospitality Management course is a blend of theory, practice, and professionalism. This enables the candidate to have the required skillset and management capability to provide immediate value to the hospitality industry.

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