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It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company, Social media is no longer optional. It’s an essential way to reach your customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand. With nearly half of the world’s population using social media platforms, they’re a natural place to reach new and highly targeted potential customers.

If you’re not taking advantage of social, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population.

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. While it may seem overwhelming, its importance cannot be overstated. It’s so important that 97% of marketers are using social media and 78% of salespeople outsell their peers by using social media for their business.

Social media has a benefit over traditional media because it can get your brand in front of people much more quickly and easily. Furthermore, it gets your audience looking at your brand even when they aren’t thinking about your brand or product.

If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience by using a large amount of time and effort. And it’s free to create a business profile on all the major social networks, so you have nothing to lose.

At Digital Salesforce Academy, we give you all the knowledge and resources you need to start and flourish in the Social media space to boost your business sales and make more profits.

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Knowing how to create and manage your Social media pages is a great way to connect more with your target audience. At the Academy, we break Digital marketing down in the simplest forms. Your social media strategy keeps your business in the face of potential clients consistently, making it more likely that you’ll reach your business goals.

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What we teach

  • Digital Marketing Basics.
  • Lead generation and Strategies.
  • Google Digital Skills.
  • Content creation and Strategies.
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising

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About the facilitator

A seasoned business owner and entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in Management and vast knowledge about Digital Marketing. He has trained over 6,000 Nigerians in the last 12 months and continues to share his knowledge to help more Small and Medium Enterprises make more sales and profits.