3 Cheapest Universities in Poland for International Students

The country of Poland practices the same principles that many countries in Europe use, and that is offering free tuition to their citizens while international students have to pay low tuition instead. Every university is different for their set range of tuition, but the cheapest universities in Poland offers low tuition for their international students.

Poland Universities with Low Tuition for International Students

Although these universities in Poland provide cheap tuition, that does not mean that you will be studying in Poland for free. You still have to pay the tuition fees if you are attending these universities in Poland.

1. University of Warsaw

Ranking among the top 3% of the world’s best universities, the University of Warsaw boasts of its excellence in their research programs, and it is the best university in Poland. In their quality of education, the University of Warsaw did not disappoint their students, since there was overall satisfaction for the overall student body. Many international students also go to the University of Warsaw to receive their education.

Through their participation in various international programs and Erasmus, many international students go there for exchange programs and also as a transfer student. The great benefits do not stop there. Since it is one of the cheapest universities in Poland, it offers low tuition and great living benefits.

In addition to their quality education, the city of Warsaw is known for their affordable living, and the University of Warsaw offers low tuition. These two factors are a great advantage to international students since they need financial assistance. Through affordable living and cheap tuition, most international students find themselves at home in Warsaw.

The average tuition fee for most programs is 3,000 euros which are equivalent to $3,500, and even though it has low tuition, they still offer scholarships to international students.

2. AGH University of Science & Technology

Also known for short as AGH, this university focuses on their research capabilities and innovative technologies.

Having a small number of international students, AGH strives to increase their number by joining international cooperations and organizations such as the Erasmus program. Also one of the cheapest universities in Poland, AGH offers low tuition for international students.

3. Warsaw University of Technology

Having a rich history with a great foundation, the Warsaw University of Technology boasts as being the oldest university in Poland, and also being one of the top universities in Poland. In addition to their reputation, the Warsaw University offers various undergraduate courses and graduate courses at a cheap rate.

Built over 100 years ago, Warsaw University of Technology continues to produce many successful graduates that continue to further the achievements of their ancestors. Offering low tuition, the Warsaw University of Technology is also one of the cheapest universities in Poland.

Source: uscollegeinternational.com

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